Stories help us process life and even access healing and peace. I am drawn to roles of vulnerable, yet strong women. Women who struggle with mental illness ... Women who cling to their faith when all hope seems lost ... Women who are real, recognizable, fully realized human beings.

After 30 years on stage (from ballet to Shakespeare to improv) I transitioned to the screen -- most notably in Dreamin' Wild opposite Walton Goggins, Casey Affleck, Zooey Deschanel and Chris Messina.

A few facts about me ...

What casting directors say about me ...

"Really great job. You were very present. You had me leaning forward to hear what you would say next."

"You have a vulnerable, endearing quality ... there's something 'Amelie-esque' about your performance."

"You're a bit of a 'Sally Hawkins' type: quirky and vulnerable."

"Well done! ... That touched me ... I really liked the choices that you made. It was really clear ... Well executed. There was a particular moment towards the end of the scene where you made a unique choice that really moved me."

"I've watched that scene a lot of times and I only cry like this when it's well done."